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Lung Fu Shan scenic region you will discover 99 peaks, 24 rocks, 108 capabilities, landscape a location of 200 square kilometers, incorporates a long heritage of Taoist tradition, the exceptional Bishuidanshan and large-scale cliff-tomb group constitutes the Lung Fu Shan Scenic Region the natural landscape and cultural landscape of "Ruin." Lung Fu Shan from the red sandy conglomerate composition, shaped Danya Red Cliff's "Danxia landform", Wuyi Mountain in Fujian and Guangdong Danxiashan also falls into this landscape. Dazzling and lovely Lu River through the mountains of mid-stream also, including a jade belt from south to north to Shangqing Gong, Lung Fu Shan, spunk-water rock tourist attractions which include chained to your front lines, from the supernatant of city Shun Lu River by bamboo raft twenty years down the mountain surroundings much like in wonderland, blow individuals away. Lung Fu Shan is usually a well known also simply because she is usually a Chinese Taoism originated at. The mid-Eastern Han Dynasty, the initial era of Heavenly Grasp Chang Tao-ling at the foot of Jinshan formerly called Cloud 9 days Jau-Ji Lian Shen Dan, Taoism for Study and Innovation. "Dan into a dragon and tiger see" the mountain ended up subsequently transformed to "Fu", Taoism thus landed on China's historical stage. To the Tang Dynasty, Taoism because the state religion, Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties during history have already been Chifeng Fearless, "a product," Lung Fu Shan guideline Jiangnan Taoism, Taoism in China's Communication Center, "100 divine degree of your country." Taoism's most prosperous period of time, the Lung Fu Shan Street, developed 10 palaces, a Taoist temple, 836 Tao Yuan, through which the "Shangqing Gong," the biggest palace and town hall demon Demon Shi Naian gifted writer Effectively that is definitely under the "drenched with water Liangshan 100 single-8 will "place of birth. Lung Fu Shan is now a Taoist shrine, Taoists revered in your own home and abroad, to the pilgrims, tourists flock. No matter you will have chance to come to China or not, we’re happy to offering such tourist information, and if you have more time, please visit our tibet tour, you will get tons of related travel info from it, as well Moreover to the title from the Lung Fu Shan Zu Fearless alchemy on factors, stated a further source, particularly, "Zhuangruo dragon and tiger", then in the event the future row ashore not far absent in the peak glimpse for the foreseeable future, we will see you can find a Lung Fu Shan Mountain twists and turns circling like Beaulieu, and also the other lying, including the Shan Pui triumph over tigers, and the formation of dragon and tiger confrontation, Lung Poon Huju impressive sight. There is a saying "The mountains are certainly not substantial, but the immortal name" Lung Fu Shan at this junction because of the ancestral Fearless furnace alchemy, the construction of Taoist, in order that Taoism during the planet, famed in the home and overseas and so the Lung Fu Shan. If you’d like to visit this place, please feel to contact us, we will help you to visit this place with budget rate. Besides, we’re also the expert in offering tibet tours. If you need such, just say a word. Thanks Underneath the foot with the dragon there's a broad flat regions, it faces south, plus the water by mountains, is now a view with the site. Heavenly Grasp Zhang Sheng in the fourth era to carry the ancestral Fearless Hanzhong Fulu moved back again to India as well as the sword Longhushan on where to make Temple Sizu Fearless. Heavenly Master Temple of Southern Tang Jian, Song played France to change the notion of Gar amend a concept, to create bell tower. Fearless following the federal government moved to your supernatant, is often a concept of progressively while in the cold, ultimately lowered to rubble. And that is currently being repaired. In overall, though this site is famous and worth to pay a visit, we still highly recommend you experience the Tibet tour packages, it is a kind of experience you should not miss while you are in China. From becoming an idea to go on heading up, went to the ancestral node furnace alchemy of shuiliandong Fearless, alchemy rocks of. Alchemy rock overlooking the stream, precipitous cliff-lap, danzao ruins continue to be, Cao Lu footprints still. Shuiliandong Falls Fei Xie, Zhuangruo bead curtain, when the ancestral Fearless should be to use this water Tempered nine days Shen Dan's. Song reportedly Xiangfu, Yongle Emperor had sent to track this level, picked up Dan left. Right now, even though we are able to no longer be pickedpanda-breeding-and-research-center-2.jpg-saver, but right here, go back again and seem for your ancestral Fearless knot rope ladder knot furnace alchemy of hard to believe of him conquer hardships alchemy to help save the single-mindedness, and know that what he cultivates the heart, Yang Xing, Qiu Xian catechumens of piety, for us it truly is of great importance. There’re more than 20,000 tourist attractions in the whole country, the must-visited places in China are Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Tibet, etc, but if your time is limited, the tibet trekking should be part of your trip. Opposite Youcheng movie Fearless chestnut forest, explained that for that 12 months by planting the ancestral Fearless fingers. Wilsonii a giant sweet, loaded in starch, would be the great fruit and tonic. Li's "Compendium of Materia Medica," said: "The Fearless Li, the only West Sichuan Qingcheng mountain, Heavenly Grasp Zhang Xue-Tao is left behind right here." Lung Fu Shan Chang Tao-ling is a initial publish to Qingcheng mountain, we can see the chestnut is Qingchengshan had brought in the Lung Fu Shan. Zu Fearless live to 123 many years, many other early Heavenly Master are all a hundred levels, reportedly with their long-term cultivation Lian-chi, consume the chestnuts.Besides this attraction, Tibet trekking tours should be included in the itinerary if you intend to visit China in the near future.